Crafts and their importance in life

The term handicraft stands for any handicraft for which artistic skills are decisive and necessary. The products of the handicrafts are in independent, manual work and manufactured according to own designs unique items.

The arts and crafts, like the related arts and crafts, are assigned to the applied arts. However, it is not to be equated with the arts and crafts, which also produce objects of daily use in series, by machine, and reproduced according to foreign designs.


The craftsman, an independent status

The term “handicrafts” became after the professions of painters, illuminators, glass painters, glassblowers, engravers, sculptors, gold and silversmiths, carvers, cabinet makers, turners, weavers, instrument makers, image-makers, potters and the like had been regarded as a pure craft for centuries, only recently pronounced.

The progressive development of handicraft series productions, which went hand in hand with the industrialization of the manufactories since the 18th century, prompted the artistically active craftsmen, with reference to the design quality of their works and the One-off production to stand out from traditional craft. The combination of the words “art” and “handicraft” emphasizes the qualitative and quantitative values ​​of craftsmanship in contrast to the serial and mass reproducible products of industry. So with the arts and crafts got an upgrade. Through them, the best craftsmen became artisans who market their unique items in this way.

Regardless of the artistic quality requirements and the production method, the term “arts and crafts” has established itself worldwide as a collective term for both arts and crafts and arts and crafts products.


Craftsmen: Full Entrepreneurs

Most craft businesses are small: 98% have less than 20 employees, and half of them consist of one or two people. Craftsmen are therefore very often true entrepreneurs and must have in addition to their technical skills, a real sense of entrepreneurship. Indeed, building up a clientele, making quotes, managing employees: all of this requires skills in management, accounting, and event management. Not to mention that in order to make yourself known today, it is necessary to have a website. If it is quite demanding, this independence can also be synonymous with greater freedom and creativity